What Does The Hatchery Offer?

Inspiration and Learning

Inspiring students of all schools and disciplines to understand that innovation is relevant to them, and helping them to acquire and apply the core skills of innovation.

  • Courses and training on innovation and entrepreneurship skills, from harnessing creativity to building diverse teams, interdisciplinary thinking, human-centered design, Lean Startup, and more
  • Insights and tips from industry and non-profit though leaders with shows such as "Emory Innovators" and "Might Could: Stories of Innovation in the ATL"
  • Curated Materials for Inspiration, learning and practicing—from strategy and team-building games, to ideation and planning aids, book and media collections, and more
  • Experiential learning opportunities to apply core innovation skills to create positive change in the world
student placing pegs on a giant pegboard

Project and Start Up Support

Working with students to understand their needs and goals, coach and develop their ideas, and connect them to financial, material, and programmatic supports.

  • Material and financial support for projects and startups
  • Personalized coaching and mentoring
  • Equipping student innovators and entrepreneurs with methodologies for predictably and repeatably making effective decisions
  • Connections to programs and resources across Emory, and to companies, organizations, and alumni beyond
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Resources and Community

Curating the environment, materials, and community that innovators and entrepreneurs need to prototype, build, and launch.

  • A modern, Google X-styled facility that is highly-configurable and provides drop-in working space
  • Makerspace with materials for prototyping, including a 3D printer
  • Collaboration and meeting rooms with whiteboards and AV equipment
  • A supportive and collaborative innovation community, in-person or online: Click Here to link to our Discord
  • Online Resource Library
Two students working on a white board in the Hatchery.

For faculty, staff, alumni, and outside organizations

  • Using the space, especially for class meetings and other student engagements
  • Holding events in the event space
  • Teaching programs and courses
  • Consulting and supporting projects and startups
  • Partnering to include innovation skills training in new or existing courses
  • Sponsoring challenges for student projects
  • Providing grants and other support for startups
  • Other ideas? Let us know We're happy to explore use cases
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Contact the Hatchery

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