The Hatchery supports student innovators and entrepreneurs from all Emory schools, and covers all stages of innovation from inspiration and learning to projects and startups. Together, let’s innovate more inclusive, equitable, and progressive solutions to everything.

WONDER: Think in new ways and identify problems you want to solve.

LEARN: Acquire core innovation skills you can use to improve anything.

BUILD: Develop an idea, prototype, or business model.

LAUNCH: Launch a product, program, service, business, or non-profit that makes the world a better place. 

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Sign up for a program or event, and let us know if it is designed and delivered in the optimal way to help you learn, and reach your goals. NOTE: The calendar below lists only new programs beginning in the next two-weeks. If you would like more information about The Hatchery’s programs already in progress, or an overview of the semester’s programming, please contact thehatchery@emory.edu.

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