Emory Alumna's Journey from Google to Founder

Students at The Hatchery got a crash course in using innovation to design their careers from Emory Alumna Quinn O'Briant. Quinn is the Founder and CEO of the O'Briant Group, an innovation agency that utilizes Design Thinking on behalf of its clients (mostly educational organizations and businesses). Prior to founding the O'Briant Group, Quinn worked as a Content Strategist at Google.

Quinn shared some fantastic lessons for aspiring innovators. She encouraged innovators not to be intimidated by the unknowns of a new role or opportunity as she has learned so much from her career by learning as she goes. She also encouraged innovators to adopt a growth mindset because when it comes to bring new things into the world you often, "don't hit it right on the first try." She also talked about how her studies in religion prepared her for work as an innovator because it taught her how to understand core human needs. A final tidbit to highlight was the way in which processes like Design Thinking can help make change less stressful by guiding that change with intentionality. 

Quinn was incredibly engaging and her conversation with The Hatchery was loaded with useful info. You can view the conversation here. To keep up with all things The Hatchery, subscribe to their newsletter.

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