I'm a YouTuber: A Master Class

A common theme in the stories of successful innovators is that when an opportunity presents itself, they seize it. Our guest for last week's Peer to Peer Master Class is no exception. Katie Lee (22B) decided to upload a video of herself opening her college acceptance letters. To date, that video has received over 1.8 million views. Katie has never looked back, and has built a successful YouTube channel sharing her experience as a business school student at Emory, and her global travels.

She stopped by Peer to Peer Master Class, Powered by The Hatchery to share her experience and her process for managing her YouTube channel. Katie's first piece of advice for aspiring YouTubers is to know your audience and tailor your content accordingly. Just as important is finding your own voice and creating content that you are passionate about (an echo from Ben Palmer's Master Class on video editing). Katie is also a proponent of constant iteration. Rather than taking analytics about her content personally, Katie sees viewership data as an opportunity to refine her work. 

In the Q&A, Katie shared the ways that other disciplines (like acting and marketing) have informed her process. She also spoke about the importance of cross-promotion and creating high-quality marketing visuals. Katie's passion for helping others to succeed is the driving force behind her work. and this commitment was evident throughout the entire presentation.

You can find this (and every) episode of Peer to Peer Master Class in our Resource Library. The next Master Class will be taught by Nicholas Skelley (22C), who is giving us a crash course in web design. You can RSVP for the live Master Class here.

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