Kicking-Off Summer Hobby to Hustle Sprints

The Hatchery's Hobby to Hustle Sprints got out of the blocks last week with a crash-course in Lean experiment design. Students and staff gathered together to share projects they are working on, design experiments to gain traction on those projects, and offer each other support and feedback.

Projects ranged from tech solutions for more efficient article abstract reading, to assisting restaurants under Covid-19 social distancing requirements, to a platform aimed at helping indie-fashion designers get their products in front of consumers. Each group brought a unique idea to the table and was generous in sharing their thoughts and feedback. It was powerful to see students from multiple disciplines leveraging their vantage points to empower their fellow students.   

This Hobby to Hustle Sprint will continue through the month of June and is sure to be filled with fascinating learnings and exciting pivots! If you are interested in learning more about using Lean experiments to move a project forward check out our Hobby to Hustle Workshop. If you are interested in signing-up for a sprint, email

To learn more about The Hatchery visit or email The Hatchery staff at The Hatchery is a unit of Emory University Academic Innovation.

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