Renee Dye Kicks Off Emory Innovators Double-Feature

The Hatchery is wrapping up the spring semester Emory Innovators speaker series with a bang, bringing two Emory Innovators into the conversation this week. The Emory Innovators series showcases conversations with innovation and entrepreneurship experts working across Emory, who present their work and answer student questions.

Dr. Renee Dye was the special guest on Monday, April 27. Dr. Dye, Associate Professor in the Practice of Organization & Management at Emory Goizueta Business School, completed her PhD in English at Emory University in 1994. Dye previously held positions at Emory, McKinsey, and Navigant, and she is the founder of Stratitect, an independent consulting firm. Her articles have been published in a number of leading journals and magazines, including Harvard Business Review, Fortune, and The McKinsey Quarterly. 

Dr. Dye's conversation with Shannon Clute (Director, The Hatchery) was wide-ranging. Dr. Dye shared work she is doing on Emory's campus to increase awareness and expertise in the multi-faceted field of corporate innovation. She also shared her desire to see individual's understanding of innovation processes broadened beyond design-thinking. While noting that design thinking is certainly useful, Dr. Dye also highlighted Blue Sky Thinking, the Jobs to Be Done framework, and her own methodology, The Killer Idea Framework. 

Dr. Dye and Shannon also reflected on the ways that academia is having to rapidly innovate with the Covid-19 crises. Specifically, they wondered about the powers and limitations of video conference culture. Dr. Dye also shared that she will probably continue to offer at least one class per semester remotely because it presents a unique pedagogical challenge she wants to continue to embrace.

If you missed the live conversation, a recording of it can be found here. The Hatchery will be hosting Dr. Gayarthri Srinivasan on Thursday 4/30. You can RSVP for that conversation here.   
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