The Hatchery Launches Resilience for Innovators Series

Stress. Anxiety. Burnout. While these words have certainly been a part of our society's working vocabulary for a while, there is little doubt that they have never been as much a part of our day to day lexicon as they are now. A word that is missing, or perhaps underplayed, is resilience. This Fall Semester The Hatchery is exploring resilience from a few different vantage points. While this is a contextual choice, anyone who has been on the frontline of innovation work knows that resilience is a crucial skill for bringing something new into the world. They don't call it "the bleeding edge" for nothing!

The Hatchery's first programmatic foray into resilience is its Resilience for Innovators workshop series. They began this series this past week with a webinar entitled: Resilience for Innovators: Challenge Mapping for Resilience. This workshop guides participants through an exercise called a Challenge Map. A Challenge Map is a way of visualizing different life stressors and managing them strategically to achieve better outcomes. The exercise is borrowed from Atlanta based consultant Linda Hoopes' book Prosilience and is a powerful tool. 

The workshop can be viewed here and is a part of our growing Resource Library. The next Resilience for Innovators workshop is open to the public on October 7. You can register to participate here.

To learn more about The Hatchery visit or email The Hatchery staff at The Hatchery is a unit of Emory University Academic Innovation.

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