Women in Business Find Their Flock

Continuing their role as a crossroads of innovators on The Emory campus, The Hatchery was joined by Emory Women in Business (EWIB) for their second Find Your Flock episode. Find Your Flock creates a space for innovative student groups to share their work and connect with other Emory student innovators. As usual, participants were treated with some amazing opportunities in terms of both resources and ways to get involved.

EWIB was founded by students in The College and seeks to support women pursuing careers of all sorts. They provide opportunities to meet with leaders in industries from marketing to fashion to finance and more. EWIB also strives to connect current Emory students with Alumni who are eager to see their careers advance. They also host workshops where outside experts give tips on professional skills like resume building, personal brand development, and remote interviewing. The diversity and depth of resources on display were truly impressive!

To learn more about EWIB follow them on Instagram or join their listserv. You can also watch their episode of Find Your Flock here. The Hatchery's next Find Your Flock program will feature Consult Your Community. You can learn more and register for that here

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