Founder Innovating What it Means to "Have it All"

April 20, 2021 | The Hatchery | Ben Garrett

What do you do when you have achieved all your goals and you realize you aren't happy? What happens when your dream job is leaving you miserable? What comes next? These questions propelled Kacie Let Gordon to found a new company and she shared some of the answers she discovered in her own journey last week at Might Could: Stories of Innovation from the ATL.  “Might Could: Stories of Innovation in the ATL,” is a new series from The Hatchery, Emory Center for Innovation, that hosts conversations with innovation thought leaders and disruptors in non-profits, higher education, and industry who are making Atlanta a city of the future. Kacie Lett Gordon is the Founder of It All Media, and host of the It All Podcast - the #1 destination for modern women to redefine “it all.”

Prior to founding her company in November 2020, she led strategy for a boutique innovation and growth firm here in Atlanta, where she co-founded an innovation practice centered on helping enterprises build new capabilities and businesses; and the largest innovation community in the Southeast. Kacie took that experience of sales, marketing, strategy, and building to create It All Media in November 2020. The company is centered on redefining and expanding the narratives, beliefs, systems, and actions that create barriers - real or perceived - to defining and creating one’s own “it all.”

On Might Could, Kacie told her entrepreneurial journey, the highs and lows, that led to the founding of It All Media. Along the way, she shared important lessons about the skills needed to be an innovator. A core set of three skills emerged from her experience. First, innovators need curiosity. They must constantly be trying to understand the world around them and the why of this world. Then, innovators need to be able to synthesize all of this information into something that makes sense: an insight. Finally, innovators need to be able to tell compelling stories about these insights to other stakeholders to recruit allies, attract investment (of all kinds), and attract an audience. 

Kacie's story is an inspiring one and her willingness to help others came across clearly in The Hatchery's conversation with her. To learn more about what it means to define one's own "it all" and how to pursue it, check out the video of the interview or download the podcast. If you want to join The Hatchery's event live, keep up to date by subscribing to their newsletter

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