The Hatchery Hosts and Posts First Remote Workshop

Continuing its efforts to provide innovation programming to students through remote learning, The Hatchery, in partnership with EEVM, hosted its first remote workshop.

The Workshop, Human-Centered Design 101, introduced students to design thinking principles (specifically those popularized by the Stanford School of Design). The students applied the Human-Centered Design process to real-world challenges that were on their minds. These included various COVID-19 challenges such as food insecurity, the need for rapidly evolving academic policies, and ways to reduce panic buying. Once these challenges were defined, students developed innovative solutions including peer-to-peer food sharing coordination apps, student resource aggregators, and incentive structures that stores could implement to increase more generous consumer behavior.

The entire conversation is available in The Hatchery Resource Library--which records and distributes such events in an effort to support remote learning and help create virtual community.

The Hatchery will soon be hosting a public webinar focused on helping students to use Lean Startup methodology to take hobbies and passion projects to the next level, and even launch them as businesses. or more information on this event, or to register, click here.     

To learn more about The Hatchery visit or email The Hatchery staff at The Hatchery is a unit of Emory University Academic Innovation.

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