The Hatchery Premieres Peer to Peer Master Class Series

The Hatchery's Peer to Peer Master Class series got off to a strong start with Ben Palmer's (C20) excellent and entertaining 101 on video production on a budget. Using examples of his own work, Ben shared all kinds of helpful tips and tricks to create quality content even with the constraint of a student's budget. He also described the video production resources Emory makes available to students.

A central theme of Ben's presentation is that quality is not about cost of materials. He pointed out that even with their tremendous budgets, Hollywood producers still manage to create terrible movies. What matters is having a voice, having something meaningful to share, and putting your own passion into your video work. Furthermore, constraints foster creativity. They create unique challenges that invite innovative solutions. Ben made a convincing case that knowing your constraints and embracing them can be a feature that sets a creator's work apart.   

If you were not able to make the live event, Ben's presentation can be found on The Hatchery's Resource Library page. The next edition of Peer to Peer Master Class will feature Ben Kasavan and will be an introduction to 3D printing technologies. You can reserve your "seat" for that event here.

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