Hobby to Hustle Activates Innovation

This week The Hatchery hosted "From Hobby to Hustle Using Lean Startup" to help Emory community members explore how to quickly launch passion projects into the marketplace. Participants were encouraged to workshop a hobby or initiative they wanted to take to the next level, so they could apply Lean Startup methods to make prototypes, launch them, and get actionable data.

Participants brought ideas ranging from website redesigns to pedestrian safety improvements. They each developed an experiment they could run to receive actionable data to determine next steps. A major emphasis of the workshop was encouraging participants to "fall in love with problems" rather than jumping directly to solutions. Participants did a fantastic job designing experiments that would help them to better understand their user's goals and pain points. The Hatchery team is excited to see where these initiatives will go! 

The Hatchery has posted the recording of this event on their Resource Library Page for anyone who is curious about taking their hobby to the next level. To keep up with all the events The Hatchery is hosting be sure to subscribe to their newsletter.   

To learn more about The Hatchery visit Hatchery.emory.edu or email The Hatchery staff at thehatchery@emory.edu. The Hatchery is a unit of Emory University Academic Innovation.

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