Leveraging LinkedIn to Build Your Personal Brand

Nobody likes leaving money on the table. In the professional world, a great deal of time is spent figuring out how to maximize the value of various resources. At the same time, we do not always recognize an opportunity that is sitting right in front of us. Last week, Hannah Jian (BBA, 23) made a compelling case that LinkedIn is a huge opportunity for growing your network and your personal brand that is being left on the table by many students.

Hannah began her journey with LinkedIn in earnest at the beginning of October, giving herself a 30-day challenge. Her goal would be to create one post per day for 30 days on LinkedIn. The results have been impressive. She began the month with 280 connections which have jumped to 500+. Her profile began the month at 187 views and now stands at 724. Her posts have been viewed 38,356 times! 

The results go beyond the numbers. For Hannah, what has been very exciting is that before her challenge she used LinkedIn to reach out to other people. By focusing on being a content creator, Hannah has found more and more people are reaching out to connect with her. Additionally, she has found that these connections are high-value because professionals on LinkedIn are happy to answer student questions and help them build their careers. Hannah is certainly making the most of her LinkedIn presence! 

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