Peer to Peer Master Class Season 1 Ends on High Note

On May 15, The Hatchery was joined by Nicholas Skelley (Economics, Class of 2022) who gave a fascinating introduction to web design. Nick's approach to this topic was particularly engaging because he built a website live on the show. Modeled on the RHA's Thanks Emory Page, which he built, this behind the scenes look into web design took viewers into the html coding of a simple but effective online experience.

"Experience" was a keyword of the day. Nick began the design process by articulating a specific experience he was hoping to create digitally--namely the experience of encountering a dynamic and responsive display of thank you cards. Nick focused on building a site that both visually and emotionally created the desired user experience.

He also introduced the audience to multiple free tools for understanding best practices in web design and building a website, including W3Schools, Adobe XD, Brackets, and more. A high point of the episode was when, after Nick had essentially built the entire site in front of the audience, he was asked, "Nick, how did you learn to do this?" His answer? He encountered a design challenge that he wanted to solve in February 2020, and since that time has taught himself! This moment demonstrated both Nick's incredible "learner's mindset" and the power of Open Source tools. 

The Hatchery is grateful to, and deeply impressed by, all of our Season 1 Peer to Peer Master Class guests: Ben Palmer, Benjamin Kasavan, Ryan James, Katie Lee, and Nick Skelley. Each of them conveyed impressive expertise in an engaging and accessible style all their own.

All episodes of Season 1 are available on The Hatchery's Resource Library. Season 2 will be launching soon and the schedule will be made available through The Hatchery Newsletter.

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