Self-Discovery Through Color Theory

In a fascinating topical departure for the series, last week's episode of Peer to Peer Master Class featured a crash course in color theory and the use of color for self-discovery. Led by Diani Marsh (Alumna, 2020, Associate of Arts, Bachelors in Biology, Minor in Spanish Language and Culture) founder of D.Mani Studios, participants learned the basics of compositions (unity, movement, contrast, etc.) and color theory.

With these concepts in hand, Diani led the group through exercises to reflect on their current state by identifying colors that resonated with them and what those colors mean to them. She also had the group reflect on a few paintings and explored how the same color palette used in different ways could evoke a variety of feelings and insights.

For Diani, art is many things, one of which is a therapeutic practice to help artists and audiences engage with themselves and the world in ways that are more productive and healthy. Each participant walked away with this experience having gotten to know themselves better through their experience with color. From The Hatchery's perspective, this kind of self-discovery is an essential component of the innovation process. It is crucial for innovators to be connected to their own passions and objectives as they put themselves in dialogue with potential stakeholders.  

This week The Hatchery's Peer to Peer Master Class will focus on innovating in a crisis. The instructors will be the founders of whats' cookin', an effort by Emory students to assist local restaurants and coffee shops during the pandemic. To catch-up on any episode of Peer to Peer Master Class, including the crash course in color theory, check out The Hatchery's Resource Library. To keep up with everything happening at The Hatchery sign-up for their newsletter

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