Students Refine Innovation Projects through Hobby to Hustle Workshop

Summer is often a time where students turn from their concentrated academic pursuits and begin to make progress on career goals, as well as explore and deepen their own personal interests. While this summer is certainly different from most, Emory students have adapted to these unprecedented conditions with creativity and determination. These two traits were on display during The Hatchery's Hobby to Hustle Lean Startup workshop this week.

Students brought to the workshop innovative ideas designed to help fashion designers and scientific researchers from a variety of disciplines. Utilizing the Lean Startup methodology, students designed experiments to test critical hypotheses around their proposed solutions. They also provided each other with peer coaching and feedback, building on one another's work and leaning on each other's areas of expertise. The Hatchery is excited to see where these projects will go!

The Hatchery is committed to supporting a variety of student innovation projects this summer. If you missed the Hobby to Hustle workshop but have a project you are working on, feel free to check-out The Hatchery's Hobby to Hustle Sprints, which provide coaching, accountability, and community for projects that innovators like you bring to the table. The Hatchery is accepting interest forms for this program through 6/6. To keep up with all the ways The Hatchery is empowering student innovators, sign-up for their newsletter. 

To learn more about The Hatchery visit or email The Hatchery staff at The Hatchery is a unit of Emory University Academic Innovation.

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