The Hatchery's Find Your Flock Program Takes Flight

While it is well-documented that innovation is a group effort, what do you do when finding a group of innovators is full of extra friction? That is the challenge facing student innovators in our current moment. Fortunately, student innovators are also working to solve this problem! Find Your Flock: Emory Innovators Showcase is an initiative co-created by a number of student groups and The Hatchery that seeks to connect student innovators with student groups that are leading innovation on campus.

On the first episode, The Hatchery hosted the Emory Biomedical Consulting Club (EBCC). EBCC is an organization combining science and business. The club forms student-based consulting teams around Emory-professor owned ideas, technologies, and companies, stemming from the Emory Office of Tech Transfer. Often the teams work on analysis of the market, regulatory pathway, or intellectual property and collaborate with the technology owner and consulting experts throughout the semester.

Their president, Ph.D. student Erika Csatary, and Professional Development Director, Ph.D. student Dominika Swieboda, joined The Hatchery to talk about their journey creating and leading EBCC, the way it has expanded their career horizons, and how it has helped them to be able to articulate transferable skills between their research and industries of interest. EBCC affords a great deal of opportunity for innovators who are looking to work in a multi-disciplinary intersection. 

For those who are interested in learning more about EBCC you can check out the video here. Up next, The Hatchery will be hosting Emory Women in Business on Find Your Flock. You can register for that event here.     

To learn more about The Hatchery visit or email The Hatchery staff at The Hatchery is a unit of Emory University Academic Innovation.

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