The Theory and Practice of Graphic Design

The second season of The Hatchery's Peer to Peer Master Class continued last week with an introduction to Graphic Design from rising sophomore Michael Bole. Michael has been involved with graphic design for almost nine years and has been using his skills in a variety of contexts, including marketing work for Emory Entrepreneurship and Venture Management (EEVM).

Michael's presentation was an excellent balance of both the theory and practice of graphic design. Michael shared how graphic design was a useful discipline for practicing ways to bring together multiple sources of inspiration and integrate them into a cohesive whole; a useful skill no matter what one's typical area of focus. He also discussed the importance of thinking through the connection between color, types/fonts, and graphical layout as they form the basic components of the communicative act taking place in graphic design. 

Michael also shared some of his favorite sources for inspiration: Behance, Pinterest, and Instagram for design overall, for color palettes, for fonts, and print magazines for layouts. Each of these sources helped to inform his graphic design journey. Michael also encouraged the audience by noting that many of the obstacles he ran into designing on a particular software could be solved by a quick internet search. He led us through a demo of his preferred graphic design program, Photoshop.  

A replay of Michael's Peer to Peer Master Class can be found here. Next week The Hatchery's Peer to Peer Master Class will be led by student social entrepreneur Sulaiman Rashid and he will be talking about his own journey in social entrepreneurship. Register for that Master Class here. To keep up-to-date with all things Hatchery be sure to subscribe to our newsletter

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