What you need to know about logos

How do you make a good first impression? How do you tell a compelling story? How do you intrigue your audience? How do you do that in one word? No words? These are the questions that drive founders crazy as they think about designing their organization's logo. Fortunately, altKEY, a new organization on Emory's campus building a movement for sustainable and affordable fashion, stopped by The Hatchery's Peer to Peer Master Class to share their experience designing creative and compelling logos.

atlKEY broke logos down into their constituent parts (typeography, graphics, colors) and talked about the different ways these elements can combine to communicate a brand's identities, values, and or story. They then hosted a mini-design challenge to give participants the opportunity to practice what they had by designing and interpreting their own logos. It was a blast! 

altKEY also talked about logos specifically in the sustainable fashion industry. This held fascinating insights for companies across multiple industries. For example, many sustainable fashion brands are using logos that are simply the company's name in a lightly stylized type because they are direct-to-consumer internet-based businesses. The simple text-based logo is easy to search for on the web and land you at the company's site. Furthermore, these brands are relying less on brand recognition via seeing logos everywhere and a more holistic approach to articulating a lifestyle through influencers that attract potential customers who resonate with that lifestyle.

altKEY's approach to this topic was incredibly helpful whether you are trying to create your own logo or thinking more broadly about communicating to your audience. You can view the recording of the workshop here. To keep up to date on all The Hatchery's programs you can subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on Instagram.    

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